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Recipe: Vegan Breakfast Burritos!

As it goes with ALL good things in life, cooking fresh, healthy delicious food for you and your family takes time. There is no way around it, fresh ingredients are best, retain the most nutrition and taste the best. So fair warning, this may be the longest time you’ve spent on breakfast yet! haha! But, don’t worry, the taste will wow you and your family and encourage them to help with the cleanup…hopefully 🙂 Ingredients:

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Eli with a lego creation

Kids Should Grow up slowly

It’s 7:40am. The sun is just peering over my RV and in the distance there’s a small travel trailer. A father and his two children are packing up and getting ready to leave. Well, I should say, the father is packing up. The kids are doing something called playing.  The kids are not concerned with how the trailer is connected or why the wheel chocks are removed, they are just playing. There are no screens,

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Vegan Fajitas with Vegan Queso and chips

Vegan Fajitas

If you’re like us, you want to live a long healthy life, and you’re willing to give up toxic foods to do that!  BUTTTT, you’re not willing to give up flavor. Good news, you don’t have to! This recipe has won over many of our carnivore friends as they’ve basked in the glorious flavors of plant based food! So go get your Blackstone and get ready for an incredible experience for your taste buds!

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Family at balloon fiesta

5 Reasons You Should Go To The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!

  Some things in life are good and others are epic, this one was EPIC!!   “Hot air balloon festival? No thanks…” That was me (Ben) when we talked about signing up for this festival. I mean, if you’ve seen one hot air balloon, you’ve seen them all, right?    First, let’s rewind back to 2019, the year we signed up for the Balloon fiesta. You see, anyone can attend the festival, but to get

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