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Vegan Fajitas with Vegan Queso and chips

Vegan Fajitas

If you’re like us, you want to live a long healthy life, and you’re willing to give up toxic foods to do that!  BUTTTT, you’re not willing to give up flavor. Good news, you don’t have to! This recipe has won over many of our carnivore friends as they’ve basked in the glorious flavors of plant based food! So go get your Blackstone and get ready for an incredible experience for your taste buds!

vegan Pesto spaghetti on a plate with pasta and red sauce

Recipe: Roasted Pesto Veggie and Pasta! (Vegan)

Well, pigs may be flying outside, because I am actually posting one of the many promised recipes! haha! This is a great one to start with because it simply doesn’t take that much time and you get a super delicious Italian meal…which is near impossible for vegans (eating Italian) so that’s an extra special treat ๐Ÿ™‚   “You will either take time to prepare and cook real food, or you will take that time in

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