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Family at balloon fiesta

5 Reasons You Should Go To The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!

  Some things in life are good and others are epic, this one was EPIC!!   “Hot air balloon festival? No thanks…” That was me (Ben) when we talked about signing up for this festival. I mean, if you’ve seen one hot air balloon, you’ve seen them all, right?    First, let’s rewind back to 2019, the year we signed up for the Balloon fiesta. You see, anyone can attend the festival, but to get

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RV Gear You NEED to Have Before You Travel!

Starting Out Ok, you’re finally ready to launch! You’ve got the RV, you’ve said your awkward goodbyes to your family and friends…who are still confused as to “what you are running from”, and you have your first destination scheduled. You arrive at the park, find your site (this is a feat in itself) and manage to back in…after 35 minutes. Anyways, you are ready to FINALLY enjoy the camping side of things! Oh..but wait…how do

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A Good Year to Travel!

Happy New Year! Ok, picture yourself in 2019, toasting to a new year and thinking “2020 is going to be awesome!”. If you are like most, you probably had a stable job, lived in a house and only thought of traveling in terms of vacation or business.  Working remotely was probably not on your radar, or perhaps even acceptable to your employer and there’s a good chance you had never done a zoom call before! 

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