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Eli with a lego creation

Kids Should Grow up slowly

It’s 7:40am. The sun is just peering over my RV and in the distance there’s a small travel trailer. A father and his two children are packing up and getting ready to leave. Well, I should say, the father is packing up. The kids are doing something called playing.  The kids are not concerned with how the trailer is connected or why the wheel chocks are removed, they are just playing. There are no screens,

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RV Gear You NEED to Have Before You Travel!

Starting Out Ok, you’re finally ready to launch! You’ve got the RV, you’ve said your awkward goodbyes to your family and friends…who are still confused as to “what you are running from”, and you have your first destination scheduled. You arrive at the park, find your site (this is a feat in itself) and manage to back in…after 35 minutes. Anyways, you are ready to FINALLY enjoy the camping side of things! Oh..but wait…how do

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