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Eli with a lego creation

Kids Should Grow up slowly

It’s 7:40am. The sun is just peering over my RV and in the distance there’s a small travel trailer. A father and his two children are packing up and getting ready to leave. Well, I should say, the father is packing up. The kids are doing something called playing.  The kids are not concerned with how the trailer is connected or why the wheel chocks are removed, they are just playing. There are no screens,

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Why should I homeschool

Homeschooling Post #1 The Goal of Homeschooling

Face masks, boys in girl’s bathrooms, same-sex education, forced vaccines, are you ready to homeschool yet?!    Regardless of whether or not you agree with the aforementioned list of challenges currently in schools, I bet we can agree that you want the CHOICE to decide what your kids are being taught and if they are to be followed by the opposite sex as they go into the bathroom or not. Even if you’re doing public

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