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Eli with a lego creation

Kids Should Grow up slowly

It’s 7:40am. The sun is just peering over my RV and in the distance there’s a small travel trailer. A father and his two children are packing up and getting ready to leave. Well, I should say, the father is packing up. The kids are doing something called playing.  The kids are not concerned with how the trailer is connected or why the wheel chocks are removed, they are just playing. There are no screens,

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Were killing their dreams top image

We’re Killing Their Uniqueness!

It occurred to me recently that we’ve been doing this all wrong. As a society, we’ve fallen into the same traps that we swore we wouldn’t repeat when we were kids; The trap of “conformity”. Kids are born as individuals, free thinkers, creators, passionate investigators, Optimists and they have to be programmed to hate life. I know that most of us don’t think of ourselves as “dream killers”, but let’s walk through this for a

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How to live the life of your dreams

Choosing the life of your dreams!

Life is full of choices and at first glance, it can be hard to make the right one. I have learned, through my own experiences, that the right decision is often crystal clear… when it is all over. Why is that? Why can we not see what is right in front of us? What blinds us from the choices that seem so obvious after the fact? My simply answer is A lack of vision. I

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The kids sitting on santas lap

We told them the truth…about Santa

Shock warning! If you are still telling your kids that Santa is real, you may feel that this article is talking directly to you, and perhaps it is, but it is not meant to be against you. If you are challenged to consider doing something different by reading this article, then great! And if you go along your way and don’t change anything, that’s just fine too! This article is not a judgement on you,

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