Vegan Breakfast Burritos to Die For!



As it goes with ALL good things in life, cooking fresh, healthy delicious food for you and your family takes time. There is no way around it, fresh ingredients are best, retain the most nutrition and taste the best. So fair warning, this may be the longest time you’ve spent on breakfast yet! haha! But, don’t worry, the taste will wow you and your family and encourage them to help with the cleanup…hopefully 🙂






(1) Bottle of Just Eggs
(6) Small potatoes (colorful)
(1) Small purple onion
(1) Green bell pepper
(1) Cup chopped fresh spinach
(1) Container of roasted red pepper hummus
(1) Small can of green chiles
(2) Cups chopped broccoli
(1) Package Field Roast Breakfast Sausage
(1) Package Field Roast Chao
(6) Tortillas
Vegan Butter
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Turmeric Powder
Smoked Paprika
Parsley Flakes
Avocado Oil






Prep the Veggies:
Dice the broccoli, onions and peppers into small pieces (Keep separate)



Prep the sausage:
Chop the sausage into small 1/4″ pieces (I like to cut them down the center firsts giving them a half moon shape so they don’t roll off of the griddle).



Prep the potatoes:
Chop the potatoes into small 1/4″ thick circles (I also chop them in half so they don’t roll off of the grill).
Rinse the potatoes and set on a paper towel to dry off a bit.



Cook the Tortillas:
Heat up the skillet, griddle or pan.
Butter one side of the tortillas
Once hot, place the tortillas on the pan (place as many as can fit, I can do 3 at a time on my Blackstone Griddle)
Once the butter has started to melt, flip the tortillas over and lightly sprinkle garlic powder and salt on the side facing up.
Once crisped to your desired texture, remove from griddle, but keep it hot.



Cook the potatoes:
Add avocado to the hot griddle and add potatoes.
Cook until crispy on the edged, turning regularly to avoid burning.
Once crispy, put all potatoes in a pile and add the following spices:
(1) tsp Smoked paprika
(1) tsp garlic powder
(1) tsp onion powder
(1) tsp salt
Pepper to taste
Once the spices are added to the potatoes, add (1) TBSP of water to the potatoes and stir vigorously to coat with the spices.
Remove from the griddle and set aside.



Cook the veggies:
Add avocado oil to the hot pan.
Add the broccoli and sauté on high, stirring and tossing until edges are crispy (approximately 10 minutes on my griddle)
Once crispy, push all broccoli together into one section and sprinkle the following on top:
(1/2) TBSP Garlic powder
(1/2) TBSP Onion powder
(1/2) tsp Turmeric
(1) tsp salt



Once all of the spices are added to the top, pour approximately 1/4- 1/2 cup of water over the broccoli and stir vigorously, mixing all of the spices into the sizzling broccoli.
Set broccoli aside (I usually slide the broccoli to one of the top corners to continue cooking while I finish the other items, but you can remove from grill all together if you like)



Onions and Peppers:
Add some avocado oil and once hot, add the onions and pepper (mix them together) and add the sausage (separate).
Cook all on high, approximately 6-8 minutes, stirring regularly to keep them from burning.
Once onions and peppers start to brown set them aside.
Once the sausage is crispy on the edges, add onions and peppers.
Next, add the green Chiles and stir.



Combining and cooking eggs:
With the griddle on high, add a little avocado oil and once hot add:
Broccoli, Potatoes, onions, peppers and sausage and mix together.



Once all veggies and sausage are thoroughly mixed, make a flat “field” out of the mix to prepare for the eggs.
Pour the just-egg over the veggies and sausage mixture and let it sit for approximately 1 minute.
Stir continuously to ensure it does not burn then turn mixture until eggs are cooked (Mine tends to stick a little bit to the griddle, but lightly scraping it will let it release and recombine with the rest of the mix with no issue. Unlike other eggs, the crispy part of Just Egg will just get soft again and taste fine)



Once eggs are cooked thoroughly, remove from heat and mix in the chopped spinach and (1) TBSP dried parsley.



Final Steps:
Clean the griddle and add the tortillas back on to medium heat.
Add the Chao cheese onto each tortilla and let it sit until the cheese starts melting.
Remove from heat and add a small amount of hummus to the tortilla.
Add egg mixture into the tortilla
Fold and serve!



Side Note: For gluten free, remove the sausage and tortillas.

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