About Us

Have we met?!

We are Michelle, Ben, Elijah and Lacie!

We are those crazies that you read about who live in a van down by the river (well, more of a rolling apartment 😂) and eat weird natural plants made by God himself (No..I said, EAT not smoke..you read that wrong)!

However, we do shave and wear deodorant (for now) so we have a few more levels to go. 😃
We ran away from home approximately 4 years, 16months and 3 days ago , but we love it so much that we’re not even keeping count! 😬

We live in a 42′ Fifth wheel (no one likes to say “fifth”…I know)

It is a 2022 Forest River Sierra 388BHRD and we’re pretty impressed with it!

So far, we’ve been to 48 US States, 41 National Parks, and roughly 250 Chick-Fil-A’s (and we don’t even eat chicken! ha!) 🚫🐔


We are avid hikers, and enjoy vista’s, badlands and waterfalls. ⛰

We decided to change our diet the same day we moved into the RV (we just love a TON of change all at the same time, lol) so we’re now plant-based (vegan) and we love it!

Most of all, we enjoy meeting new people and making life-long friends (the kind that will drive a few states over to meet you for dinner).👪

Community is something we crave (much like vegan queso) and we are thrilled that we found it out here among the crazies!

Our primary income comes from our Chandelier Rental business based out of Orlando Florida (I know…no one else has heard of it either…lol). His team of professionals manages the day to day operations and events and Ben micro-manages….I mean, oversees everything from a distance. Sometimes we plan our route around locations where Ben needs to assist in chandelier installs and sometimes Michelle tells him to stuff it, so he flies out to the event.


Ben loves all things camera and is passionate about shooting video and pictures and also shooting in general.

He’s a family man 85% of the time, and a “I need to get away from my kids” man 15% of the time.

He’s really fond of Michelle and believes that the word “Sex” should be mentioned daily in a healthy marriage.

He is a true entrepreneur and runs multiple businesses from the road.


Michelle is a rocking hottie, a homeschool teacher and a stay at home mom with a great aim! 🔫

She works hard to keep clean clothes, clean dishes and new destinations in our life at all times.

She is the navigator of the family and determines our plans 99% of the time.

She is the driving force behind our travel lifestyle, and she’s good at it 🙂 She LOVES to get out in Nature with hikes or paddleboarding and she makes staying healthy a top priority.

God knows she needs as much energy as she can get since she’s married to Ben!

Elijah Lavender


Eli is a self-proclaimed “Knower of all things”, a comedian and a lego master.

He loves math and science, but not so much writing or doing anything fast.

He currently holds the world record on “maximum amount of time spent putting shoes on” Closely followed by “maximum amount of time spent brushing his teeth while still managing to have dirty teeth” haha! But seriously, he experiences life in his own way and loves to laugh and make others laugh too.


Lacie is made up of sugar and spice and dear God, WAAAY too much spice…but mostly, sugar 😊😍🥰😟🥺😭😃. Oh, and she loves horses 🐴 and any animal that she can get within arms length of.

She too loves math, enjoys writing and lives for time with friends.

She is really into art of any kind and holds on to memories and trash…I mean “art” for a lifetime! She is in charge of issuing hugs throughout the day and at least 10 times at night.

She is a true leader and is never seen without a gaggle of friends in tow.


Our true “why” comes down to this

Life is too short to be stressed out, distracted and working to pay bills. A “normal life” can quickly turn into a routine that robs us of joy, excitement, change, adventure and new friendships. With complacency comes more “stuff”, less awareness of our short time (that is flying by) and less value for friends and family around us.

I guess I would say that we live with less intention and purpose when we are not challenged or inspired by people and places around us.

We are traveling through the United States and are seeing places within our own country that we didn’t even know existed! We are meeting people who also love adventure and have embraced the “freefall” that we call fulltime RV life”.

Despite its ups and downs, we are loving the RV life and are being intentional about our life, our kids and our marriage while we still have time.

We only get one life and we intend to live it like we mean it. We are all-in for an Intentional Adventure.

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